Lose Yourself

image of mission of lifeSo often, our life’s mission naturally involves giving service to other people. But even if you don’t understand your personal mission yet, look for ways to help others. As you do, you will lose yourself in a sense—you will lose sight of your frivolous worries and your deepest temptations.

Why does this happen? It happens because service forces us to focus on others’ problems and gain a better perspective about our own. Through service, we become more humble and less indulgent.

Your Best Self

image of being your best selfFulfilling your life’s mission is also about becoming your best self. It’s about growth. It’s about taking on a challenge and coming through it as a progressed individual.

Quite often, our life’s mission is difficult to perform. It might involve parenting, teaching, or overcoming our biggest weakness—all of which are difficult tasks. So it makes sense that fulfilling our life’s mission makes us better people.

As you discover and work toward your life’s mission, take heart. Push through the hard times and let yourself change for the better.

In All Honesty

image of honestyAn important aspect of discovering your life’s mission will be learning who you truly are. You will discover both your strengths and your weaknesses. As you learn these things, be honest with yourself. Don’t pretend that you are perfect. Let yourself be a work in progress.

But balance that perspective with your confidence. Do not despair when you learn that you have a weakness for being critical or for speaking in public. Until you strengthen those flaws, rely on the gifts you do have to overcome your worst qualities.